Friday, May 30, 2008

The Can Pile is saved

Despite many, many roadblocks, the committee that set a goal of saving the world famous Casselton Can Pile from a May 29th, 2008 demolition date succeeded yesterday. As the metal plate was slid underneath the can pile being held by a very large crane and beams inserted in the can pile for support, the onlookers gazed in amazement. As the final push from the payloader pushed on the metal plate, smoke erupted throughout the can pile very similar to a house or building collapsing. A wicked noise of settling cans and erupting smoke rattled all of the teary eyed onlookers. After a few oil cans settled, the can pile was completely on the metal plate. From there, the can pile was lifted up by the crane onto the awaiting flat bed semi-truck for the move along the evacuation route to safety. While this is a temporary location, a non-profit corporation has been set up to start raising funds for the restoration and preservation of the world famous Casselton Can Pile as well as finding a permanent home for it to be the Midwest's most unique tourist attraction. Please consider making a donation to help the project along at

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dandelion Harvest underway

With our gorgeous sunshine comes bright yellow flowers all over the area. These dandelions are what we pick to make our popular dandelion wine. A wonderful unique wine is a great entertaining wine. To get there however, we need thousands of dandelion flowers. We just use the little yellow flower when we produce the wine so you can see how labor intensive production is. We estimate close to 100 yellow flowers in each half bottles of wine. What does the wine taste like? I like to describe our dandelion wine as a semi-sweet white wine that tastes like a cross between a light chardonnay and corn on the cob. We expect this wine to be our top seller on our website again this year. The novelty is growing. It is the perfect conversation piece when entertaining friends, family, and business acquaintances.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Save the Casselton Can Pile

We have been working with a tremendous committee throughout rural Cass County in an effort to save North Dakota's most unique tourist attraction, the Can Pile. Some people say it is being evicted on May 29th, some people say it is being torn down. We have been receiving phone calls day and night from all over the United States asking how they can help save the Can Pile. We have another meeting set for May 15th to establish the how-to's to saving a can pile. It has never been attempted before....anywhere in the world. We are making history. After last Thursday night's meeting, I think we might even have someone that is going to write a book about it.

For those of you in Internet can learn more about our struggles and the history of the Casselton Can Pile at Maybe even leave a donation.