Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fire Truck Parade Time

Growing up, I always enjoyed watching fire trucks in parades. So many different designs, colors, and purposes as well as from so many different communities. In Casselton, we would always see our local communities like Arthur, Leonard, Buffalo to mention a few. In 2004, for our 125th anniversary, fire departments came from Wahpeton, Hillsboro, and Valley City. This year, we have a committee dedicated to putting on the largest fire truck parade in the world. The current record is held in Switzerland with 159 fire trucks that paraded through there. It has been a learning experience finding out all of the different criteria needed to ensure compliance for the world record attempt. On August 15, 2009, we'll attempt to make history in our little community nestled along I-94 just a little west of Fargo. Maybe you'll drop by and visit that day too!!