Monday, August 11, 2008

3 Chicago concerts in 3 days

Friday 8/8/08 my wife and I enjoyed Chicago in concert at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls. We were standing in the 2nd row in the general admission right in front of the speakers. Awesome!

Saturday 8/9/08 we drove 3-4 hours southwest to Grand Island Nebraska to enjoy Chicago in the Heartland Events Center. A sellout crowd, we happened to overhear 2 people say their seats were double sold. We offered to give up our seats to sit in some obstructed view seats next to the stage. Of course they accepted and we were able to enjoy the concert from right next to the stage. Awesome!

Sunday 8/10/08 we drove 2 plus hours northeast to Norfolk, Nebraska to enjoy Chicago outdoors at the Divots Conference Center. A massive crowd, but we got there as soon as doors opened. My wife went up to the VIP area with our VIP tickets and secured 4 seats in the front row right in the center. The Smoke Ring was the local band the opened for them and they were great. They were all having a great time. Enjoying the show from the front row was great. The weather was perfect and the music was great. After the concert we were able to take the lawn chairs home that were provided to us for sitting. Didn't use mine at all. Another great Chicago concert.

We hope to be able to do this again someday. A big special thank you to our grandparents for watching our kids while we were on this little "jaunt".

Friday, August 8, 2008

Chicago Live in Concert in Sioux Falls

88 degrees on 8-8-08 at 8 pm when Chicago took the stage tonight. What a concert. At 7pm, there was maybe a couple of hundred people in 8pm, well over 10,000. I will be posting photos from the concert on our facebook account. Drop by and check them out.

Tomorrow night, Grand Island, Nebraska.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My wife and I are getting ready to be music groupies for the weekend. On Friday 8-8-08, I am flying down to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet up with her. She and the girls are vacationing at Susan's parents place in southwest Nebraska. We will drive from Lincoln, Neb. to Sioux Falls, SD for the Chicago concert on 8-8-08. The following day, we will drive from Sioux Falls, SD to Grand Island, Neb for the Chicago concert on 8-9-08. The following day, we will drive from Grand Island, Neb. to Norfolk, Neb. for the Chicago concert on 8-10-08. At that concert, we do have VIP tickets. I think 3 concerts in 3 nights can classify us as groupies. I was not able to talk her into the August 7, 2008 concert in Fort Dodge, IA for 4 concerts in 4 nights. I am very excited that she was willing to enjoy 3 concerts. I think the word is eccentric, but am not sure. Anyone else going to any of those concerts? We'll see you there!!

On a side note. It will be a sad day tomorrow. 20 years ago tomorrow was when the first night baseball game occurred at Wrigley Field. I still have a sign in my sports room that says No Lights at Wrigley Field. I guess if the Cubs win the World Series this year, I can relax a little, but 20 years of lights haven't brought a World Series Championship yet....